About AFP Medical


Founded in 1978, AFP Medical started out as a family business designing and producing technology used in a range of medical devices for various clinical sectors. With success came expansion, and the need to focus. The company concentrated its future strategy on the respiratory sector.


AFP Medical now designs, produces and distributes respiratory therapy equipment used throughout the world. We specialise in nebuliser technology, used for the delivery of medicines in an aerosol form. This enables efficent dosage and targeted penetration of specific areas in the respiratory system. Additonally, we produce a full range of oxygen and aerosol therapy access devices - facemasks, venturis, nebulisers, nasal cannulas, tubing, connectors and adaptors.

Our equipment meets all international quality, safety and risk management standards where applicable. We have adopted international sizing conventions to guarantee compatibility with other brands.

Business Policy

AFP Medical is committed to designing and producing the finest medical equipment for respiratory care. Our policy is to adopt new technology which has proved its worth, and to bring our customers ever better product and service.

Regulatory Compliance

Medical Device manufacturers in the European Union must comply with a raft of legislation to ensure quality and safety of product placed on the market. AFP Medical is fully accredited for all required legislation, and consistently meets or exceeds requirements of regulations.

We are certified under Annex V of the Medical Devices Directive, and hold ISO 9001 certification for our business management system.